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As a company, LM Information Delivery is both active & authentic

LM’s various certifications, associations and programs re testament to our commitment to workplace diversity and demonstrate our range of activity in trade and advocacy organizations.


Our organizational diversity includes both our general workforce and our management team:  85% of our employees are women; 12% identify as LGBT.  We strive for balance in terms of age, gender, ethnicity.  We are committed to a workforce free from discrimination, with equal treatment for all; we offer domestic partner benefits for spouses of employees in same-sex relationships and a safe, accessible work environment for people with physical disabilities, respiratory conditions, etc.

LM has a deep-seated commitment to diversity programs and policies throughout the company.
We act on this philosophy every day, from our hiring and contracting practices to our internal policies.
We are, in no uncertain terms, a “Company Committed
to Diversity!”

LM has been recognized for diversity excellence. The company received the “Diversity Leadership Award” from the YWCA of Bethlehem recognizing our corporate leadership in this arena.

Recognizing the importance of supplier diversity, LM seeks out vendors who are owned or managed by women, LGBT individuals, people of color, and people with disabilities when sourcing office supplies, printing services and promotional items.

(Feel free to request a copy of our Corporate Diversity Report.)


LM also holds various industry-related vendor certifications and contracts – including those from GSA (federal Schedule Contract (# GS-02F-0044X – Publication Media SIN 760-2) and FEDLINK (BOA # LC13G7406).

Trade associations

We are also active in trade and advocacy organizations including

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