Corporate citizenship

Conservation, causes & community involvement

LM Information Delivery is a subscription services provider and a good corporate citizen.  From basic business practices to marketing decisions, we act as intentionally about community service and “doing the right thing” as we do about operational excellence.

Environmental stewardship:

  • Recycling – We’ve instituted a comprehensive recycling program in our Easton, PA headquarters.
  • Green purchasing –  We do our part to purchase green products, and we assist our customers in going green with our environmentally-friendly technology as well.
  • Paperless billing – We offer paperless programs and incentives for clients to opt-in.
  • Online-only & digital subscriptions – We offer these options for a majority of our titles, which aids libraries and companies in their own green purchasing efforts.
  • E-procurement integration – This offering approaches the perfect “no-touch” scenario, in which files are automatically uploaded into customers’ systems and then routed for approval and payment.

Responsible & sustainable practices:

  • Small business – LM is a small business in the best sense of the phrase, offering global service with personalized attention in an age of multinational, outsourced contractors.
  • Buying local – LM exercises a commitment to buying local (and small and independent) whenever possible and is an active member of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Easton Business Association and Philadelphia’s Independence Business Alliance.
  • Diversity – LM has won multiple national and local awards for its long-standing and deep-seated commitment to policies and practices that support diversity in both employment and supply chain practices.
  • Family-friendly – With women making up more than 85% of our workforce, and 20% of employees identifying as LGBT, LM employs policies and practices that are friendly to families of all types.

Community involvement & causes:

Our favorite causes include the arts, women & children, and community-building.  With our office move in 2012, we were able to donate more than $50,000 in office furnishings to neighboring non-profits (named below):

If you have other suggestions for us, please feel free to pass them along.  It’s your business, too; after all, we’re all on this planet, together, sharing the same challenges and the same finite space and resources!

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