The inside scoop on LM Information Delivery & subscription management

Why use a subscription agent?

Using an agent takes advantage of the agent’s specialized publisher connections, focus and skills and allows your own personnel to focus on their core activities and to trust that valuable information resources will be available when they’re needed.  For more details, request our White Paper on the Benefits of Using a Subscription Agent.  To learn more about LM, read Fast Facts or explore the About Us section to acquaint yourself with LM’s staff bios, core business values, customer testimonials and more.

How does LM Information Delivery save me money?

We get you the most favorable rates available for your particular subscribers, as well as negotiated group rates and other discounts.  We consolidate ordering and billing – a huge savings when it comes to processing expenses. We also allow flexible renewal options, and we can send renewal notices directly to subscribers or to departmental managers or administrators.  This saves your staff from the distractions of multiple and repeat publisher renewal notices and avoids premature renewal payments.   In addition, we allow flexible invoicing options – timing and format – which can improve your cash flow and eliminate the costs associated with paper processing.  We offer customizable “on-the-fly” reports that help you manage use and spending, and we create “soft” savings by limiting demands on your in-house personnel.

How easy and intuitive is your system?

LibNet, which has won accolades twice in the KM Promise Awards and earned the company a place in the EContent 100 list of “companies that matter most in the digital content industry” (also multiple times), is an elegant and simple user interface.  It allows you to perform all subscription management tasks, 24/7: searching, ordering, renewing, editing, claiming, analyzing – as well as tapping powerful and dynamic new reporting features.  Both online and offline Help are available, but the interface has been so intelligently and intuitively designed that you are likely not to need it.

Can you customize my subscription website for me?

Yes, LibNet is customizable for both branding and functionality at no additional charge.   That includes customized administrative controls, incorporation of unique fund, subject and/or budget codes, or seamless integration with your ILS, in-house accounting system or eprocurement platform.

How quickly can LM have my account up and running?

We’re committed to making any start-up or transition as easy, fast and seamless as possible!  Depending upon the specific situation, we can have you up-and-running within 24 hours.

LM has successfully transitioned hundreds of accounts over the years, from large multinational corporations to small public libraries and non-profit agencies, in a variety of scenarios involving legacy systems, multiple vendors, multi-location or multi-division, etc.  Our process is very straightforward and designed (1) to gather the most relevant information from the customer in a timely fashion (with our assistance, as you need it) and (2) to enter into our system the most accurate and current subscription information – to ensure timely, successful delivery of your subscriptions.

When I have a service issue, how fast can I expect a response or resolution?

Responsiveness, including timeliness and skillful problem-solving, are part of our company-wide commitment to uncompromising customer care, which has earned us multiple awards and honors, including a Gold Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service – “Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year,” Bronze as the Best in Biz “Most Customer-Friendly Company of the Year,” and consistent Dun & Bradstreet’s Open Ratings scores of 97-98 out of 100 based on customers’ “satisfaction in dealing with our staff, their attitude, courtesy and professionalism.”

We respond same-day to each and every inquiry and we work directly with the publishers (we do not batch and fax).  Most importantly, our customer service representatives are empowered to solve problems on the front lines.

I need to have my invoices customized per my company’s accounting department standards. Can LM accommodate my needs?

We offer customizable invoicing (with any tracking information you need – by department, accounting code, etc.).  Also, you can opt to implement a paperless process by having invoices sent or made available to you electronically.  You can export invoices to Excel or other applications for sorting and analyzing as suits your needs.

What are LM’s capabilities regarding special delivery arrangements?

LM can provide clients in major cities with next-day service for hundreds of newspapers and magazines, domestic and foreign.  We can also fulfill back issue requests.

I have concerns about security of data and personal information. What is LM’s privacy policy?

Part of LM’s commitment to impeccable customer care is honoring and protecting your privacy. Read the specifics of our privacy policy here.

What kind of reports can I get – to track activity and spending, etc. and why are your reporting capabilities the best in the industry?

LM offers the most customized and detailed real-time management reports in the industry. The reports are downloadable on demand via LibNet and are exportable into a variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel, PDF, CSV and XML. Some of our standard reports include the following (with data fields displayed as determined by the customer):

• Summary List of Publication Names

• Claims Activity Log Report

• Subscription Report

• Subscriber List with Current Addresses

• Financial Reports

• Unlimited number of custom reports at no additional charge

In addition, the reporting user interface and robust customized and personalized features make our system the most functional, responsive and accurate in the industry.

For more details on LM’s suite of services, go to our Solutions overview page and/or click the Request Information button.