Financial profile

40+ years of success, stability, fiscal integrity

Our 40+ years of service and business success in the subscription services field provides testament to our financial viability. We take great care to guide ourselves always toward sustainable growth, offering good value to our customers while seeking only a fair profit for LM Information Delivery.

But in this economy, customers are right to want more security than experience alone! LM pre-pays publishers directly with subscription orders to provide timely delivery and to avoid breaks in service.  We handle any prepay monies received from customers the proper and legal way, segregating them from normal operating cash in escrow accounts.

For any prospective customers interested in our subscription services who wish, nonetheless, to have further substantiation of our financial viability, we suggest ordering a Dun & Bradstreet report, which will provide the added assurance that can come with third-party verifications. (D-U-N-S # 034913392) We have the highest possible D&B rating in our class, based on our steady and reliable payment history with publishers.

You can trust your business to us.

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