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The Benefits of Using a Subscription Agent

This paper, created by LM Information Delivery's Director of Information Strategy, Valerie Ryder, was first published in the August 2010 issue of LibraryScope newsletter by The Library Resources Group, Inc. It was subsequently archived in their Best Practices library. The paper explains how an effective subscription agent can play an important role in the procurement and timely delivery of print and electronic content to support informed business decisions. It details more than a dozen key benefits provided by partnering with a subscription agency.

Cost/Benefit Worksheet

This analysis tool is a companion to “The Benefits of Using a Subscription Agent” white paper and provides a framework within which costs can be compared for the options of handling subscriptions in-house versus engaging a subscription agent, as well as comparing multiple subscription agencies.

Electronic Resource Management Systems: Today’s Realities and Tomorrow’s Dreams

This paper, created by LM’s Director of Information Strategy, Valerie Ryder, and Operations Manager, Rebecca Leue, was first published in the May 2012 issue of INFOcus by The Library Resources Group, Inc.  This White Paper examines what added value librarians expect from their electronic resource management systems (ERMS) and discovery platforms now, what they would like them to deliver in the future, and the continuing role of standards in meeting those requirements

The Hidden Organizational Costs of Managing Your Own Subscriptions

This White Paper, created by LM’s Director of Information Strategy, Valerie Ryder, identifies the hidden costs for an organization using a Total Cost approach to place a quantifiable and monetary value on internal, administrative processes when employees order periodicals directly from publishers.

12-point eValuation Checklist

This document enumerates the considerations involved in the decision to migrate resources from print to electronic format. With more and more electronic offerings from publishers and more demand for electronic resources from patrons, librarians are increasingly wondering which subscriptions to transition and how. This 12-point checklist will help you evaluate whether electronic access for subscriptions is right for your organization.

Survival Kit for Tough Times

No matter what state the economy is in, public libraries always face tough times in the budget arena. In the best of times, public libraries are the last to receive increased funds. And in the worst of times, their budgets are drastically slashed. Public library directors, managers and staff fine-tune their skills in delivering the best service possible with minimal expenditures.  This article by our Director of Information Strategy (originally published by The Library Resources Group, Inc. in its INFOcus newsletter, March 2010) shares some creative tips and techniques.

Breaking Down Silos to Unleash the Power of Information

This White Paper packages a series of Insight & Outlook blog posts, in which we tackle the challenge of institutional and cultural “silos” that hamper our ability to surface and share information for improved business outcomes.  Written by our esteemed guest, Rosaria Hawkins, Ph.D., of Take Charge Consultants, and our own Director of Information Strategy, Valerie Ryder, MLS, MIBM.

Consuming E-content:  Is It Really ‘Greener’?

In this comprehensive report, we explore an urgent and important topic and our assumptions about the kind of content and delivery formats that are more eco-friendly.  As one expert says, “Most people don’t appreciate that the computer on your desk is contributing to global warming.”  This question is not easily answered but what is clear is that the presumption that “e-” is “green” is oversimplified and often times unexamined.

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