Check-in & consolidation

Value added services for ease & simplicity

LM Information Delivery offers additional services that provide workflow enhancements for libraries, information centers and knowledge organizations and can be particularly advantageous within the context of today’s heightened demand for services but reduced staffing resources.

Online check-in system:

LM’s online check-in module allows you to keep track of the arrival of your subscriptions and, based on predicted delivery dates for your specific list, automatically initiates claims for missing issues. The check-in software can be used for subscriptions that are not handled by LM , as well. This can be utilized by individuals or by departments as well as by libraries, either single or multi-branch locations.

Consolidation services (off-site check-in and delivery):

You can opt to contract with LM for streamlined and cost-effective handling of your library or office copy subscriptions for addresses located anywhere in the world. We will receive your journals in our Easton, PA, Service Center, check them into LM’s serials control system or directly into your own computer system if remote access is supported by your technical staff, process them to your specifications, and forward them to you by the frequency, packing and delivery methods of your choice. Time-consuming routing, processing and claiming are virtually eliminated.

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