Digital newsstand

Today's editions from around the world

With today’s emphasis on the knowledge workforce and a global perspective, companies require timely access to same-day news from around the world – from wherever their highly mobile workers are at the moment.

Thanks to our strategic partnership with Vancouver-based PressReader, LM Information Delivery customers can now choose to access same-day, full-content digital editions of newspapers from around the world via PressReader’s online or mobile platform.

This, the world’s largest digital newsstand, uses proprietary technology to provide exact digital replicas, complete with editorial content, advertisements and classifieds. It allows end users to read multiple newspapers from around the globe on a single web site or mobile device (no additional software or plugins are required).  Some other key features include:

  • Access to 2,300+ publications from nearly 100 countries in 50+ different languages!
  • Simple navigation and user interface, which also leverages the power of digital technology to enhance your reading experience with interactive features such as keyword searching and bookmarking, monitoring alerts and article ranking (most popular news items of the day), article linking, RSS feeds, language translation, & more!
  • Can be configured to allow simultaneous user access for companies, libraries and organizations of any size
  • Provides 60-90 days of back issues archives
  • Capable of collecting and displaying all forms of books, magazines and newsletters in addition to newspapers
  • “Green” bonus – No recycling required!

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