Digital rights compliance

Copyright permissions: Get It, Share It, Analyze It

In our highly networked and collaborative work environments – academic, research or commercial – any organization wants to fully leverage the use and value of their content purchases while also mitigating their legal risk of copyright infringement.

LM Information Delivery’s multi-year partnership with CCC provides convenient, easy solutions for licensing, displaying permissions information, and content analysis.  We can even build customized, streamlined solutions into your work processes for viewing copyright permissions information at the desktop level, studying usage statistics, or ordering articles from unsubscribed journals for immediate fulfillment via document delivery.

These benefits deliver value to customers by

  • Saving the customer organization time and money pursuing permissions
  • Expediting content acquisitions and renewal decisions by incorporating knowledge of usage restrictions and permissions directly at the point of purchase or renewal
  • Helping organizations to fully leverage the value of content investments
  • Minimizing the organization’s risk of copyright infringement


Annual Copyright Licenses enable an organization to share content within the organization while respecting the rights of content creators.  ACLs are available for:

  • Corporate (U.S. and Multinational)
  • Academic
  • University Hospitals

RightSphere® rights advisory software tool bridges the gap between information sharing and copyright compliance.  RightSphere® organizes your content licenses in one place, and displays those rights without interrupting workflow.  Service options include:

  • RightSphere® Basic – included in ACL, displays license rights in simple link from Web browser
  • RightSphere® Plus – customized features, integrate with document ordering systems, library archives and other applications
  • RightSphere® Premium – organizes all of your content rights from CCC and publishers, provides data on your organization’s content usage to help inform future buying decisions

Pubget’s PaperStatsTM provide simple, powerful reports compiling usage statistics that help librarians and other information experts analyze their organizations’ usage of serials and databases to make more informed buying decisions.

Get It Now complements an academic library’s interlibrary loan (ILL) services by providing immediate fulfillment of full-text articles from unsubscribed journals in a cost-effective, always-on service and integrates into the ILL workflow and/or OpenURL link resolver.

Not sure how copyright impacts your organization?  Take a look at Copyright Basics, a short informational video by CCC.  Then, contact us for a brief, no-obligation consultation by clicking the Request Information button.