A research & reference value

Increasingly, libraries and research centers are choosing database solutions to augment their collections of individual content resources.  Databases offer various combinations of breadth, focus or functionality beyond what is found within journals, magazines and newspapers in their original or traditional format.

These electronic collections of information may point to citations, collect articles from various sources, compile facts or specialized data.  Besides aggregating electronic text, databases may house other media, including images, audio or video, or text that’s been enhanced with such rich media or other web-based interactive features.

Many databases also feature added-value tools such as descriptive abstracts, bibliographic citations, subject indexing, full-text article linking, usage tracking, and other benefits such as remote access.

Through some very selective strategic alliances, LM Information Delivery is able to integrate such resources into your customized program – including  INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications (streaming video and educational course content) and digital newspapers from around the world from PressReader.

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