eResource Management  

Maximize information value & cost efficiency

Today’s knowledge workers, students and faculty members, and library patrons all want quick and often mobile access to information resources.

The proliferation of eresources and online access brings a plethora of new questions and challenges:

▪  Can I get one comprehensive search result on a topic, reflecting what’s available in all of my organization’s sources, electronic and paper-based?

▪  Does my library have the article in this citation – and can I link out to it?

▪  What are the details of our site license? 

Discovery and ERM tools

To provide a user experience that answers these demands, organizations need sophisticated solutions to efficiently and effectively manage the vast and complicated array of information related to e-content.  The answer is Discovery and Electronic Resource Access and Management (ERM) tools, which accommodate enhanced data fields and workflows and provide interfaces that allow seamless selection, evaluation, acquisition, access and maintenance in addition to customization that displays these features within your branded library portal.

Using a Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation allows easy setup and negates the need for locally installed and maintained software, dedicated servers or additional hardware.  It’s all cloud-based and managed and maintained by the service providers.

Available ERM solutions include:

▪  Discovery, a next-gen library catalog and more, provides a unified, single interface for finding and accessing library content in all formats within the physical library or among its collections of electronic content, whether locally owned or accessed remotely through subscriptions

▪  E-resource management systems manage e-content throughout its lifecycle, from acquisition and subscription, through access authorization and license terms, to evaluation and storage of administrative information

▪  OpenURL link resolvers enable access to full-text articles within the organization’s e-journal or database holdings

▪  Federated search services return consolidated lists of search results from across multiple search systems including, for example, search engines, commercial information services and internal databases

▪  A-Z title lists allow a quick browse of the library’s entire collection


LM Wolper is able to offer all of the following solutions and more, powered by TDNet, a world-class developer of information management tools and services, thanks to an international strategic alliance that was born in 2008.

The reasons we chose TDNet, and what makes TDNet stand out from the crowd, include

  • the robust nature of their tools,
  • their ability to customize interfaces,
  • the company’s neutrality regarding content providers,
  • and its innovative leadership in the industry (among TDNet’s “first mover” contributions: they were the first in the industry to handle print and electronic resources in the same database).

Underlying all of these features is TDNet’s premier KnowledgeBase of metadata for more than 390,000 unique titles from 24,000+ publishers, 1,100 aggregator collections, CrossRef Digital Object Identifiers, 13,500 free Open Access titles and all print titles requested by customers and thousands of online databases.  ToCs for 25,000+ unique titles are also included.

For a detailed briefing on e-resource management solutions from LM, powered by TDNet, contact us at  or Request Information.