TDNet Discovery and Delivery Suite

Unified, single interface for discovery & access

TDNet Discover integrates an organization’s local, hosted and remote eresources with TDNet’s searching and browsing modules. This one-stop solution can be integrated into the Library & Information Center homepage or portal, so that users can directly search, browse and retrieve information from all the organization’s resources – catalogs, databases, journal and book collections and more.

Based on a unified search interface and easy navigation, end-user tasks can be accomplished without ever leaving the library or information center workspace.

The fast and easy integration of customers’ resources and TDNet modules, and the implementation within the library portal, allows libraries and information centers to provide their users with a discovery-to-delivery platform, involving minimal workload on the library side as well as saving money on integration costs.

TDNet Discover integrates a variety of Library & Information Center resources such as:

  • Library catalogs
  • Internal repositories and collections
  • Commercial and free databases
  • Print and electronic journal collections
  • Ebook collections

TDNet Discover can be easily integrated into an existing library and information center homepage or portal, with its main panel becoming an integral part of the web page.

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