OpenURL resolver for full-text linking

TDNet’s TOUResolver is an OpenURL resolver that provides context-sensitive linking from reference databases to full-text from both OpenURL and non-OpenURL compliant target resources.

The library may customize this solution so that when full text is unavailable, TOUResolver will link to document delivery, pay per view, ILL or library catalog(s), or search the web for the desired article.

  • Easy setup
  • Can be hosted locally or by TDNet (no dedicated server or IT resources required)
  • Based on TDNet’s extensive KnowledgeBase, which provides all relevant information: links, linking rules, proxy redirects, passwords for particular providers, and local database redirects
  • Can be customized to match your library’s look and feel
  • Provides validated and rights-checked linking from citations based on integration with TDNet’s Rights Manager
  • Automatic weekly updates provide the latest titles, links, coverage dates, and ToCs
  • Generates TDNet and COUNTER usage statistics reports
  • NISO-compliant, which means it adheres to a set of standards that help create a common language for easier information exchange between systems (i.e., your ERM and your CMS), between multiple content and service providers, and between TDNet and you, the customer
  • Optional Table of Contents (ToC) integration for enhanced accuracy
  • ToC integration allows the link resolver to compare incoming article citation information with the article information from TDNet’s ToCs, resulting in more accurate link resolution;
  • When the link resolver receives an article citation with incomplete information, TOUResolver can supplement this information with data from a matching ToC record;
  • ToC integration allows TOUResolver to provide the best available direct article-level links to full-text target resources, including OpenURL, DOI, PMID, and proprietary full text links.

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