Impact Award

LM Information Delivery institutes honor in collaboration with SLA B&F Division

How many times has one of your organization’s leaders made the difference in a “mission critical” meeting because he or she had been amply armed by you or one of your information professionals with timely and concise research?  How often have you or your team provided management with the proverbial needle in the haystack?

Though there is more information than ever, more accessible than ever, there’s a real value add  to having people with the specific skills and experience to drill through the info glut and wring intelligence out of information.  Without a quality foundation – search and analysis – strategic decisions and plans are just fancy sounding words.

So it is that LM, as the leading provider of subscription management services in the U.S. corporate sector for the last 35+ years, decided to do something to salute information professionals for their everyday contributions to knowledge and organizational success.  The outcome is the “B&F Impact Award,” designed and sponsored by LM and administered by the Business & Finance Division of the Special Libraries Association, which we have supported for many years.

The Impact Award, as designed by LM, recognizes information professionals’ role in turning information into action and competitive, bottom-line advantage.

This award recognizes a Division member who creates value by aligning with the goals of her or his organization through the innovative and effective use of information to impact the accomplishment of those goals. B&F Division members in academic, government and public libraries as well as corporate environments can apply for the B&F Impact Award.  Examples of award-winning achievements might be creating a new service that aligns with organizational goals, developing new processes for working more closely with senior management, or instituting training and educational activities that facilitate the achievement of organizational goals.

Besides a physical award to commemorate the accomplishment, the winner receives a $2,000 stipend to help cover expenses at the SLA Annual Conference.

In its inaugural year, 2011, the Impact Award was presented to Sushma Arora, General Manager of the Information Resource Centre, Delhi at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.,

The 2012 winner is Gayle Gossen, Project Manager for the Knowledge Professionals Alliance, Dow Jones and Company.

Tell us your story – or nominate a colleague.  Find the award criteria and description on the SLA B&F Division website.