Ebooks.com is the world’s leading independent source of ebooks.  The company’s innovative platform has been designed and built to offer ebooks for single-user access, making it particularly well suited for corporate clients with a distributed (“desktop”) purchasing model.

Founded in 1997, ebooks.com is based in London and Australia and prides itself on being a company of book lovers with roots in bookselling, not technology.

Ebooks.com’s vast catalog provides access to titles from hundreds of publishers offering a wide variety of scholarly, professional and technical ebooks in business, sci-tech, medical, humanities and social sciences, as well as bestsellers and new releases in fiction.  Its Ebook Reader platform supports virtually all mobile devices, including Kindle Fire, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  Ebooks.com users can also read books online, from any computer, anywhere.

Since 2001, the company also provides ebook fulfilment services to global book publishers, including Cambridge University Press, Pearson, Sage and Springer.